An example: 4 ways to instill in children a love for yourself

It is difficult to learn to love yourself, when you're an adult with a bunch of complexes and stereotypes imposed by society behaviors. Self-esteem is formed in childhood, so the sooner you start to show your child that he is good in itself, the more confident he will go through life. We explain how to instill in children a positive attitude to the body.

1. Start with yourself

An example: 4 ways to instill in children a love for yourself

The best way to explain something to a child - to show by example. So first think, what place in your life takes care of itself. How often do you spend time alone with him? Sacrificing their own interests and needs for the family?

It is difficult to convince the children that you need to value yourself, if all they see: a mom who alternates work with household chores, not knowing rest.

Learn to properly distribute responsibilities between all family members, not to pull it all yourself. Finding time to relax even in the very busy schedule. Do not hesitate to inform the family that you need to be alone - even if it's even half an hour a day on an empty kitchen. This is not selfishness, but the very love of self.

2. Be a healthy role model

Evaluate how you behave as a role model. Do you recognize that everyone is different and you should not judge people because of their differences? Did you show it by their behavior? All the talk about bodipozitive and healthy self-esteem do not make sense, if you are embarrassed to leave the house without make-up, did their best to disguise his identity and delish people on the beautiful and the ugly.

A child evaluates the world by the reaction of adults and, in the first place - the parents. Therefore, it follows that you really followed the ideas that are trying to instill in children.

An example: 4 ways to instill in children a love for yourself

3. Learn to take care of your body

Take yourself and allow yourself to anything - not the same thing. It is very important that the child felt the difference immediately and formed a correct idea of ​​what a concern.

Monitor their health, lifestyle, listen to your body - also bodipozitiv. Observe proper nutrition - explain to the child why choose these products, how they affect your health and mood.

Allow yourself to fast food, sweets or alcohol - be honest, tell me that it would be unprofitable, but sometimes you have to give in to their desires.

Go to sport - take children with them or engage with them at home. Show them different ways to care for themselves and teach listen to your body. Then, over time, they will be able to form their healthy habits and taking care of yourself will become a way of life rather than impulsive episodes.

4. Replace the negative talk in the family for positive

One of the most important things in the formation of a healthy child's self-esteem - how you communicate at home. Many of us have no problem can list their shortcomings, but are lost when it comes to benefits. This is because from a young age focused on the negative traits.

An example: 4 ways to instill in children a love for yourself

Teach the child to think positively. If he says that he does not like some part of his body, were asked to name what he himself loves. Over time, he learns himself to concentrate on the positive aspects of any situation.

It is important that you talk the same way - remember the role model. Find your best features and try less to complain and criticize. In addition, pay attention to what you say about other people: avoid aggressive value judgments that underpin social stereotypes about the human body.

How else can you instill in your child a love for yourself?