No rest or how we overestimate their own employment

No rest or how we overestimate their own employment

The desire to be engaged and, therefore, become important quite natural for a modern society. Busy schedule, the desire to achieve maximum well-being, income and social status - all these things have become an integral part of life. The stereotype of "work now to ensure the future" causes many to suffer, because the ideal seems unattainable, and the illusion that one day each of us will be healthy and happy, surrounded by money and success, destroys.

Social networks like VKontakte and Instagram support this trend, forcing users to compare their lives with the lives of others, at the time, as the desire to be unoccupied, relaxed and calm characterize only losers. That's why people fill their lives daily obligations, work and a variety of other activities that divert from the treatment himself. But if time does indeed lead to a happy life or is it just part of the social pressure? With this, we decided to investigate.

Are we so preoccupied with how we think?

Be busy - so have a lot of cases, always in a hurry and have time to carry out the maximum number of tasks. But part of the class is rather far-fetched excuse, rather than an objective reason and the natural need.

"I'm busy" sounds like a setup, which seeks to respect everyone busy. But if you replace it to the opposite, then there are arguments in this case. Time - a loose concept, and each of us has 168 hours a week to do all that is necessary for the health and happiness. If you look back, you can see how many successful people around who do not consider themselves to be employed. Their lives, too, is composed of the commitments and work, but they always find time for yourself.

No rest or how we overestimate their own employment

The modern author Laura Vanderkem describes this problem in his book "I Know How She Does It" (I know, how it does it). Vanderkem conducted an experiment, which was attended by 143 mothers with a variety of professions. The project women told that they do every day. It turned out that each of these "busy" women have time to work 44 hours a week, sleep 8 hours, 70 hours a week to give family, friends and yourself. American Time leads similar statistics.

So what's the problem? Is the concept of "employment" means a lack of time or a lot of people overestimate the importance of the work that they do not want to perform and participate in daily activities, that they are not interested?

According to psychologists, the negative events are retained in the human mind much longer than positive. It is best to remember that night, which was insomnia or had to do some things, and then get up very early, and rush to work than the time when it was possible to sleep and wake up in a good mood. It is these emotions make us feel that life is filled with a variety of events that can not be eliminated, but their constant experience in your head is exhausting more than a sleepless night.

For those who fell victim to negative employment Vanderkem advised to keep a record of all events that occurred during the day, and make sure that at that time is wasted.

One of the important steps in the liberation from the pernicious influence of employment - is to overcome the habit of being employed as such. In addition, if you carefully keep track of their time, it becomes obvious how much it spent on classes like "hanging" in social networks, watching TV or doing unnecessary work on the house.

How to get rid of the habit of being busy?

First of all, you must realize that the only person who really owns your time - it is you. That you need to decide what can be done differently, and where there are to say "no." Instead, each day feeling exhausted from the events, start to appreciate them, highlighting the positive aspects of all of what you spent your time.

No rest or how we overestimate their own employment

Another good way to get rid of the feeling of employment and bustle - is meditation. Many successful women, mothers and even celebrities are aware of the value of yoga and meditation, and do not ignore the natural needs of the body to rest and reboot. Meditation allows you to relieve stress - both physical and moral, rather than less stress, the greater the opportunity to be present in the present. Meditation does not take long, only as much as is necessary for you to relax.

The next important step - attention to their health. In today's world already it is no secret that a balanced diet and physical exercise significantly affect quality of life. Eating food that contains the necessary elements and vitamins that allow the body to conserve energy and use it more intense moments. As a result, you will be less tired, and thus longer keep pace.

Fitness, yoga and other exercises will allow you to not only keep fit, but also to form a habit to plan and manage time efficiently.

In the end, stop telling yourself and others that you are busy, and instead pay attention to what makes your life today, redefining priorities and remember how much you wanted to do. Another very inspiring thought can be found in the book Vanderkem: in life there are so many interesting things that are much more important than the endless list of things.