Salnikov Vladimir V. swimmer: biography, family, sports achievements

For many, the name of the swimmer Vladimir Salnikov is on a par with such legends as Vyacheslav Fetisov, Diego Maradona, Sergey Bubka. For his entire career he was able to cover the distance, which is equal to the length of the equator. Another world record, which was established by him in 1983, held out as long as 8 years. Epithets, such as "Machine Records", "invincible", "Iron Man" and a "great Salnikov", he has earned more than enough.

Salnikov Vladimir V. swimmer: biography, family, sports achievements

unattainable MSTA

Sports career began at the Salnikov rivulet MSTA that near Novgorod. On summer vacation young Vladimir came to the village to her grandmother. Constantly secretly he ran to the beach to swim but really could not yet. He had always dreamed: once he can prove to his village friends that he pereplyvet Mstu unattainable.

But as time went on. All new facts obrostala his biography. Vladimir Salnikov was returning to the city, I went to school, studied very well, but, like many of his peers, often skipped classes and took part in the boys' endeavors. Sometimes they ended and penalties from their parents.

Salnikov Vladimir V. swimmer: biography, family, sports achievements

It was a great day

When Salnikov was almost eight years, Gleb Petrov came to his school. He was the coach and asked the children to swim. In this case, not all recruited section. First, it was necessary to perform some exercises. Whatever it was, the young Salnikov cope with these tasks and was enrolled in the Petrov Group. However, after the second lesson Vladimir simple and quite a long time sitting at home.

After his illness, he returned to the pool, and, despite his long absence, the coach tried again to engage with it.

After some time, Vladimir Salnikov finally sailed for the first time. He recalled that it was a great day. He had already realized that his dream will come true, and he still overcome Mstu.

Salnikov Vladimir V. swimmer: biography, family, sports achievements

Cat's enthusiasm infected

From 1973 Salnikov started another instructor - Igor Koshkin. To Trust the coach treated more than professional. He has always required to maintain discipline and a strict regime. If the swimmer was late for training, he could throw him out with class.

But, according to Salnikov, Cat's in the first place, was demanding of myself. So, he was constantly running around with the boys crosses. He climbed into the mountains with them. In short, the coach was a real fan of his case, infecting everyone with their enthusiasm.

It is thanks in Koshkin Salnikov came the first successes. Thus, in the USSR championship, he won a bronze medal, and in 1976 already became part of the Olympic team in Montreal, where he established the first record.

The following year he won the European Championship and thus became the leader of the world sailing on stayers distances.

In 1978, at the World Cup, Vladimir Salnikov, which was sailing for the meaning of life, at a distance of 1500 m has once again set a record. However, the most difficult test, and now the self-affirmation was yet to come.

Salnikov Vladimir V. swimmer: biography, family, sports achievements


Moscow Olympics and the triumph Salnikov

In the late '70s the Soviet Union was able to get the right to host the Summer Olympics. However, in the spring of 1980, a number of Western powers decided to boycott the Olympic Games. The reason was one. Soviet power sent troops to Afghanistan.

But, nevertheless, the Olympic Games held in Moscow. Throughout the game, Vladimir Salnikov brought the country three gold medals. It was then that he became the first swimmer in the world, which is able to overcome the barrier of fifteen minutes on the 1500 meter race.

Salnikov Vladimir V. swimmer: biography, family, sports achievements

New launches

After Moscow Olympic Games Vladimir Salnikov continued to set new records. In 1983, there was another important event for it. He got married. His wife was Marina Basov. At the time, she was engaged in athletics, and later became a researcher at the Institute of Physical Culture. Meanwhile, Vladimir Salnikov, records of which are known to all lovers of swimming, began to prepare for a new serious start. It was about the Olympic Games in Los Angeles. But the Soviet government called friendly states to boycott the Olympic Games 1984. This is what happened.

The Soviet leadership has come up with an alternative to the Olympic Games. As a result, in the same numbers as the Olympics, the competition took place under the name "Druzhba". Salnikov - swimmer who is there once again showed excellent results. Incidentally, these results there were higher than the Olympic champions in America.

Salnikov Vladimir V. swimmer: biography, family, sports achievements

The decision about parting with the coach was heavy

By the mid-80th MI Koshkin said titled athlete that he has exhausted its possibilities. And, accordingly, seals are not destined to become a participant in the upcoming Olympic Games in Seoul, and his athletic career inevitably ends. But Vladimir, of course, did not think so and I knew that he still has reserves. As a result, he broke up with his coach.

In this difficult and unpleasant situation he supported his wife. It should be noted, at the time she worked as a biochemist and worked in their field with the national team in athletics and swimming. She not only studied advanced techniques in the field of psychophysiology and pedagogy, but also to successfully apply them. In a word, Marina became husband and trainer, and the doctor and masseur.

By the way, a crucial role in training the swimmer's father played and Marina. He led the Olympic Training Center, which was the strongest and biophysical laboratory.

Thus, in 1986 came first joint success. At the games, "Goodwill" Salnikov set another world record. However, after this swimmer got into a losing streak and disease. Over the past two seasons, he almost did not win anything. While in the Soviet Union he was still undefeated.

Salnikov Vladimir V. swimmer: biography, family, sports achievements

Last distance

Detractors continued to consider Salnikov man who has everything can not. His plan for the preparation for the Olympic Games was referred to as "schedule pensioner suicide." But he believed in success.

After much thought, he decided to choose the best tactics, which brought him another victory. In addition, in spite of everything, sports Soviet leadership still gave him great credibility, officially allowing it to start in Seoul.

As a result, at the Olympics 28-year-old athlete beat his young rival, showing the world's best results.

Vladimir Salnikov understood that this will be the last swim of his career. Therefore he wanted to leave with dignity. His speech was surprised not only competitors, but also coaches. And when, a few hours after the final Olympic swimmer was in the dining room, everyone - coaches, assistants, swimmers - have begun to rise and applaud. "This event is worth all the world's gold," - he said then.

... By the way, in the same 1988, Vladimir Salnikov, whose family was not the last, to know the joy of fatherhood. He appeared firstborn. Son decided to name Vladimir.

Salnikov Vladimir V. swimmer: biography, family, sports achievements

After the triumph of

As mentioned above, after the Seoul Salnikov decided to leave the water track. For two years he coached the Soviet team in swimming. Lavrov it is not earned, but later became vice president of the federation, and then did it was headed.

In addition, Vladimir Salnikov and participates in the commission of the International Swimming Federation. This structure, including protecting the interests of the athletes and planning the schedule of major international competitions.

Not once Salnikov offered work in other countries - in America, Canada, Japan, France ... He refused. But agreed to cooperate with the famous company Speedo and became its representative in the Russian Federation. It is important that the swimmer was once included in Vol. N. gallery swimming fame in America. Also, he was awarded the International Prize Gagarin, and even in the polls of the American edition of "The World of diving" was recognized as the best swimmer the world. Note this award he received three times.

Dream - Swimming Academy

According Salnikov, his free time is still not enough. He likes contemporary literature. He prefers detective stories and science fiction.

He has been running and athletic gymnastics. Playing tennis and golf. Also enjoys windsurfing and skiing. If possible, he goes, of course, and swimming pool. But here's your crown "lorry" it no longer floated.

Even with 90 Salnikov with his wife trying to implement a project of the Moscow water park. But after the August default 98-the idea was abandoned. But, according to him, this is only temporary.

Salnikov - swimmer who wants to create a sailing academy. Probably, it is a bold idea sooner or later realized. No wonder that it is considered "invincible" ...