Only you and the food: 7 Tips for a hike in the cafe alone

Only you and the food: 7 Tips for a hike in the cafe alone

Until then, until I moved to another city, and I did not occur to go to the cafe one. Eating is always associated with the place where the first come to meet with someone, and then enjoy a meal.

Attitudes toward people who spend time in solitude, still very stigmatized. The first thing you have to ask the administrator at the entrance to the restaurant: "How many people do you expect?". After these words difficult to feel confident.

Gradually, the company is struggling with the stereotypes of singles and dining alone with a gaining popularity. The creators of the institutions finally went to meet individualists - so a restaurant with tables for one person opened in Amsterdam. Prior to Russia this cafe format has not yet been reached, but this is not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure. Spending time in the museum, in the movie, at a concert or in a restaurant by yourself - it's a great way to boost self-confidence and openness.

Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of a solo dinner.

1. Forget about what others think

Sometimes I think that the ability to have relaxed in the presence of other people is bestowed from heaven, but no, it is achieved through the practice and the correct psychological attitude. Etiquette should not be forgotten, but do not dwell on the fact that the surrounding think. Understand that one to sit at the table is not the same thing as being abandoned at the altar. You do not need an excuse, and quite likely one reason: you want to eat.

2. Use technology

Only you and the food: 7 Tips for a hike in the cafe alone

If things are very bad, and you hard to force myself to open my mouth and say that you came to the cafe alone, book a table and order food in advance via the Internet. The easiest option - to be trained on fast food networks. There you do not have to be alone with the waiter.

3. Eat at the bar

Bars are full of people in them at least a chamber setting, and your loneliness will not be so evident. In addition, many have a TV, which you can see in order to avoid the need to someone to chat. If the food will lead you to the location of the complacent, and you will want to meet with someone, do not forget about our superpoleznye advice. Although dating is not required, because you came here to relax.

4. Talk to HR

Dinner together does not give time trying to properly communicate with the waiter. Do not hesitate to ask the staff in detail about the features menu. You can get to know, from what is done or that dish, with some drink it's worth a try. It is possible that there may cook something special, something not on the menu. Good waiter will always give the guest a number of valuable recommendations.

5. Take a book,

Only you and the food: 7 Tips for a hike in the cafe alone

The book is appropriate in almost any situation, so the person reading at a table in a cafe, will never look weird. Although bring a certain thing - it's more about your own psychological comfort, so if you feel the need for a public place to bury somewhere, so be it. In one of the cafes in Hong Kong for the comfort of visitors for each lonely table podsazhivayut large soft toy Moomin Troll. I do not know how with a teddy neighbor, but the book sure you can always escape from the surrounding interesting history and relax.

6. watch the

Go somewhere one - this is a good way to learn about the life, because you are not blocking the world incessant girlfriend. Concentrate on what is happening around. Listen to what people are saying at the neighboring tables, watch the staff. Any institution holds no less than life stories, what an interesting book. Immerse yourself in what is happening around the vanity, and it could be another interesting experience.

7. Enjoy your meal

Only you and the food: 7 Tips for a hike in the cafe alone

Another advantage of the dinner alone - no one distracts you, which means you can focus on the food. We often rush from one thing to another: looking in the phone, was fond of talking with other people and do not have time to notice what they ate and what it would taste like. Savor the meal slowly, capturing every nuance of taste and smell - this is a great way to develop mindfulness. Take for dinner, as a wine tasting, and not as a domestic drinking. It should not take place in a mad rush. Enjoy the food, because it is almost like sex, but are much less likely to be disappointed.