Water diet: reviews and results

Water - the source of life, this is difficult to argue. Our bodies consist of 70% of it. Embryo for 9 months growing in the water and begins to breathe easy only after birth. Being such an important part of the body, the water ensures the correct operation and the good work of all organs. It is not surprising that most diets provide drinking enough fluids throughout the slimming course. There is a separate course, which is called - water diet. Reviews emphasize its high efficiency, but bear all the stages is not easy.

Water diet: reviews and results

number 1 in popularity

Considering the rating systems for weight loss, we can note that a huge number of women are opting for a water diet. Reviews quite specifically answer the question of why this is happening. It is effective, easy, and the result is visible after a few days. You do not have to buy expensive products and to cook complicated dishes. But today we are interested in and physiological component. That is how interconnected the water and diet, how to change the drinking regime is reflected in the breakdown of fat deposits.

The Source of Life

Let's say a few words about the importance water has for the whole person. The body needs it, no less than for oxygen. Water is the vehicle by which the nutrients are carried to all organs and cells, as well as flushes toxins.

This allows for experts, developed when the water diet. Reviews of physicians confirm that the N 2 About performs many important functions. She is actively involved in metabolism, it helps to reduce weight and reduce body fat. Moreover, proper drinking regime allows us to give strength and reduce your appetite, makes a person energetic and hardy.

Water diet: reviews and results

Benefits for the body

Unlike many other options for weight loss doctors are not always against the use of a water diet. Reviews of specialists in the field of healthy nutrition emphasize that as fasting days its use is ideal for cleansing the body. The lack of water affects not only the health but also on the exterior. He is the root cause of dry hair and dull skin, early wrinkles, headaches, and constant fatigue, digestive disturbances. Of course, not far to the excess weight.

Many people are mistaken in thinking that the juice, tea and soda may be worthy counterparts purified water. In fact it is not so. All these liquids are diuretic and eliminated from the body very quickly. However, they typically contain sugar, in some cases, and caffeine. The body gets empty carbohydrates and suffer from water scarcity. So every day, try to drink at least 4 glasses of water, not to mention the diet, when this liquid becomes a major component.

How do I wash the extra weight

Let's look at what the basis of a water diet. Feedback from those who have already managed to try it, saying that it is difficult is only the first day, when the body actively resists abandonment of sweets and the foods. Then comes a sense of lightness, and the course I want to continue till the end. Water weight loss course invented relatively recently, it is the development of American scientists who have established the relationship to lack of fluid in the body into weight loss. What are they installed? Body lacks water, and sends signals to the brain similar to those that come with hunger. A person usually reacts quite specific manner. He drinks tea or juice, which can not meet the body's need for, and feeling that satisfaction does not come, sent to eat something more substantial. It turns out that to meet the demand was enough to drink clean water, and you lean on the food nutrients are deposited in the form of fat in problem areas of the body. But to disappear from there they will be with great difficulty. In an effort to regain the old form we run to the gym and morim itself hunger strikes, and you just need to add water.

There is another important point - the diet does not contain recommendations for the complete rejection of food. You can eat only organic foods. This is fundamentally different water diet. Reviews emphasize that the first time without baking and sugar live hard, but then you get used to so that their body is no longer required.

Water diet: reviews and results

The essence of the diet

This system of reducing excess weight is becoming more popular. Its essence is to saturate the body with fluid and fill her stomach. This prevents a false sense of appetite. When you're really hungry, that is, cells suffer from a lack of nutrients, you will not confuse it with anything. In this case, the water is only a few minutes blunt the feeling of hunger. But if you have recently had lunch, but drawn to the kitchen to eat something delicious, then a glass of clean water is good help.

Water should be drunk throughout the day for 25 minutes before each meal. The first glass to drink immediately after awakening. If you wanted to eat, no matter whether it will be a sandwich or candy, it is also necessary to make a pause. At first the water, then 25 minutes. It is possible that the desire to pass on its own.

Reviews water diet lost weight referred to the best way to get rid of excess kilogram. In addition, men and women point out that starting the day with a glass of water, you will spend the day more productive and energetic, in fact it runs the work of all organs.


As the course continues for a long time? It depends on your individual circumstances and the amount of extra padding. But one course lasts three weeks, during which time you can get rid of 4-6 extra kilos. Of course, this is not the greatest result, but the lost weight will not return to their seats in a few days after discontinuation of the diet. Do not forget that this course creates an increased load on the kidneys and bladder. Therefore, repeat a course is possible only after a pause, which should not be less than three weeks.

Water diet: reviews and results

Features diet

Do not forget that water is only creates the conditions or the ability to make the weight began to decline. But if you will still use a lot of fat and sweet, then there is no purification will not occur. Given the ability of fluid to wash out of the body in the urine and a variety of nutrients, it is recommended for the diet to take vitamin and mineral complex. Dietary diet must also be built in accordance with certain guidelines. It is necessary to completely eliminate from it salted and smoked food, flour and sweet. Also to be eliminated fatty foods and alcohol. Agree, is not such a high price for your slim figure.

What can indulge

You can without any remorse to eat fruits and vegetables. If you like fresh salads and apples for dessert, the perfect option for you would be a water diet for weight loss. Reviews suggest that, by rearranging your diet, people immediately solve most of the problems. A large number of vitamins and minerals, helps maintain skin and hair in good condition, and a large amount of fiber tidies bowels. It is very important every day to eat a low-fat dairy products, eggs, cheese, fish and meats, cereal and bread. Last is better to take yesterday's baking.

Water diet: reviews and results

The rate of fluid intake

If you wish no harm to your health to get rid of the extra kilos, it is specially designed for you water diet for weight loss. Reviews and the results suggest that, with a little effort, you quite quickly get rid of all the accumulated stocks. Moreover, the habit, worked out during this time, will not gain extra kilos in the future.

how much fluid you should drink per day? No exact figures, but we must abide by the principles of common sense. Excess fluid can cause leaching of nutrients. Nutritionists offer convenient formula which states that 1 kg weight should account for about 40 ml of water. That is, with a weight of 60 kg will need to drink about two liters.

Water diet: reviews and results

Features and recommendations

Reviews water diet lost weight referred to the ideal and harmonious system, which allows you to lose weight without the test of willpower. Its mechanism is based on several principles:

  • clean glass of water before a meal will muffle appetite and fills the stomach.
  • Adequate fluid intake will allow wash the toxins from the gut and clean the urinary tract.
  • As a drink to be used is water, not juice.

To date, discussion forums there are quite a lot of people who lost weight on a water diet. Reviews suggest that on the day it is necessary to drink more than 2, 5 liters of water. Do not try to do it at one time, it is better to allocate equal portions at regular intervals.

Last glass to drink for 2-3 hours before bedtime to full bladder is not disturbed during the night. But the most important - is to combine water treatment with low-calorie diet. That is why it is called a water diet for the lazy. Reviews suggest that to achieve results not need to torture yourself in the gym, it is sufficient to adjust the menu so that the amount of calories should not exceed 1000-1200 per day. The main thing - to completely abandon fatty foods, alcohol and coffee, a variety of dressings and mayonnaise, as well as carbonated beverages.

Water diet: reviews and results

The water diet for 7 days

Reviews say that sometimes people are not satisfied with the duration of the course. If you do not have to reserve three weeks, and the result is almost necessary tomorrow, you can try a shortened version of one week. But in this case will have to pay more attention to caloric intake. It must be possible to reduce. But this does not mean hunger. There can be everything, but in smaller quantities. Pay more attention to vegetables, low calorie cottage cheese and yogurt. Eliminate need only salted, smoked, fried foods. For the rest, you can not limit itself, but is unlikely to eat as much as before, because the water you drink is now many times more, about two liters. Many names in its simplicity attracts water diet. Reviews and the results are surprising and inspire hope. For seven days you can throw up to 4 kg. And if that was not enough, after the break you can repeat.

Fasting on water: reviews

Water diet (photo lost weight confirm its effectiveness) in this version is known to many, but not all dare to such an event. And rightly so. Fasting - this is not just stress, but also a great danger to your health. Once a month, doctors find it possible to spend a day on the water, without food. But more prolonged fasting can be dangerous to your health. More than one day to sustain such a regime is very difficult. Even if you have iron willpower, do not get too carried away, as it can strike at your health.

In general reviews about losing weight on a water diet positive. People say that drop those extra kilos is not only easy, but also good for health. Many even call this a diet lifestyle. But about fasting on water, few people write positive reviews, this test the strength is not for everyone. Negative feedback too. Moreover, the majority of people complain that they can not master such a volume of water. Of course, if before you do not drink more than a glass a day, then go directly to the two or three liters will not work. Try to gradually increase the dosage, one glass, and soon come to the desired quantity. So begins your individual path to losing weight, slim figure and a new lifestyle.