Diet for stomach and waist. Diet, nutrition rules, reviews

When attempting to get rid of belly fat should be remembered that it is impossible to lose weight locally. Together with the stomach is to lose weight the whole body. Usually the loss of excess fat first shrinks the chest, only then the abdomen and thigh. There are diets that help to change this order, and are aimed primarily at eliminating fat from the waist. If a person does not know how to remove belly fat at home, the diet will help in this.

Diet for stomach and waist. Diet, nutrition rules, reviews

Rules slimming power

Diet to remove the stomach, and the sides, designed to reduce the volume of the sides and shaping a flat stomach shape. Waist and stomach are reduced not only by reducing body fat. There are additional features that can be obtained during the formation of the correct diet. Here are the main ones:

  1. Elimination of excess fluid from the body cells. With this particular diet a person loses up to 3 kg of excess weight.
  2. Complete cleaning of the intestine to reduce its volume due to the disposal of faeces.
  3. The decrease in volume of the stomach. If there is a moderate amount of food the stomach muscles gradually shrink.
Diet for stomach and waist. Diet, nutrition rules, reviews

Rules slimming belly diet

  1. The artificial creation of a lack of carbohydrates for the purpose of calorie deficiency and, as a consequence, further weight loss.
  2. Reduced consumption of salt to a minimum and the use of large amounts of water in order to gradually withdraw the excess salt from the body.
  3. Full bowel cleansing.
  4. Reducing the volume of the stomach by reducing single servings when eating.

In order to lose weight in the abdomen and waist, it is necessary, in addition to proper nutrition, exercise. Exercise will help keep the body muscles toned. If you do not take exercise, the muscles visibly sag, This is especially true when a significant loss of fat. Exercise can help make your abdominal muscles tightened and will be presented with a beautiful stomach and waist. Sports assumes each fast diet, but sometimes the physical activity can be ignored, or reduce them to a minimum.

Diet for stomach and waist. Diet, nutrition rules, reviews

Protein diet

This diet is designed to perform during the week. This diet is for the stomach and the waist will help to achieve quick results. In addition to receiving the right nutrition, it is necessary to use water in large quantities and regularly carry out exercises aimed at the development of the press.

The aim of the diet is a complete cleansing of the intestine, the entire output of excess fluid. The diet contains only those products which are very valuable, so even with the small portions you can eat to satiety. This diet for belly designed for active individuals who exercise are provided daily.

Diet for stomach and waist. Diet, nutrition rules, reviews

It is one of the options offered by this diet. Menu (day and evening) offers the opportunity to choose what more you want at a particular time:

  • Breakfast. You can eat small half melon together with 100 g of curd. An alternative is the one of any size apple together with 3 tablespoons flakes without added sugar. This involves quick breakfast diet.
  • Lunch. Half melon together with 150 g of fish. It can be cooked on the grill or bake in the oven, but do not add fat. In this menu, you should eat a salad of cabbage with broccoli. If this way of eating is tired, you can select an alternative that provides a boiled chicken breast 50 g skinless, as well as a couple of slices of bran bread, low-calorie vegetables and cheese.
  • Dinner. Allowed steak meat in an amount of about 100-125 g together with 2 tablespoons of pea and tomato pre-baked in an oven. If such a dinner bored, you can replace it with boiled pork or beef, 75 grams together with a salad of fresh vegetables. If you follow this menu, you can make sure that this very effective diet helps to remove belly fat.

Salads should be refilled with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar and olive oil. If this diet for stomach causes a strong sense of hunger, it is possible to suppress, if constantly to dissolve vitamin candies. In the diet provides a high content of proteins, which help to quickly pump up the press, so you should regularly carry out exercises for the abdominal muscles. A week later the muscles will be significantly tightened, and abdominal beautiful relief comes into sharp focus. The man at the same time gain as a thin waist and flat stomach.

The French diet

This diet is very fond of Sophie Marceau, known throughout the world as the owner of a very beautiful and slim figure, which is the highlight of the wasp waist. This diet for the stomach should be strictly adhered to during the week, and the menu features necessary to carry out strictly, only then can you get a great result. In addition to maintaining the diet, only 10 minutes is enough to take exercise on a press. This necessarily implies this diet to get rid of belly.

Diet for stomach and waist. Diet, nutrition rules, reviews

Day 1

Breakfast begins with a small croissant. Replace it can be bran muffin. As a drink, you can use black tea, diluted with milk. At lunch will be enough plates of boiled rice with a bit of sugar apple. This kit can be washed down with green tea. For dinner, perfectly salted fish suit. You can eat it in baked, stewed or salted. As the only one tomato vegetables, not subjected to heat treatment. Also during the dinner can be consumed lettuce.

Day 2

Morning should begin with a glass of fresh lemon juice. 3 snack can be fresh slices of bread. For lunch should eat healthy and nutritious food in a soup of vegetables and 100 grams of boiled chicken. In the evening, you need to eat three pieces of any fresh vegetables. Bedtime mineral water should be drunk until complete quench thirst.

Day 3

For breakfast should be consumed two glasses of yogurt and a cup of warm milk. Lunch begins with three potatoes, boiled in their jackets, ie without removal of skins. It should be remembered that with this method of cooking vegetables should be washed thoroughly, and only then put the pan on the fire. Along with potatoes consume about 100 g of boiled beef. Dinner should be reduced to a minimum. 2 enough to eat fresh fruits and drink black tea, prepared without added sugar.

Diet for stomach and waist. Diet, nutrition rules, reviews

Day 4

The breakfast is great small plate of oatmeal. They must be to steam in boiling water. This is necessary to eat dish together with 50 g of cheese. For lunch, you need to make a salad of fresh cucumbers 3 medium-sized and seize it one fresh tomato. For dinner may use grated carrots, not heat treated, and also mineral water without adding gas.

Day 5

Used for breakfast omelet of 3 eggs. Drink it should be black tea without sugar. For lunch sufficiently 200g broccoli that should be pre-boil. Drink this dish can be cleaned with water without gas. Dinner is possible to limit a glass of your favorite juice with 100 grams of boiled chicken breast.

Day 6

Three fresh fruit must be consumed with tea without sugar. So you can limit your breakfast. For lunch should be consumed vegetable salad. Dinner can be limited to two apples and purified water in which to add a few drops of lemon juice.

Day 7

This is the final day, which involves the French diet for the belly. On this day, you can afford a variety of food, but should be limited to portions of the small size. To benefit from the diet was palpable, it is necessary to drink plenty of fluids and eat any foods that have been in the diet of the previous days. Usually, people are guided by their own preferences, but you can be guided by a sense of proportion and choose the best low-calorie, but nutritious foods.

Diet for stomach and waist. Diet, nutrition rules, reviews

To ensure that you lose weight in the diet for belly and waist, you need every day from morning to drink 1-2 glasses of pure water without gas. Thus, you can quickly start the digestive system, prepare the stomach to take a full meal.

Approximately after 15 minutes after the water can take 1 tablespoon of olive oil. In it there are important for the body fats of vegetable origin. They can be used to lubricate the intestines that promotes easy emptying. Subject to these recommendations, together with the selected diet people get great results without extra effort.